Unauthorised ADB device – Here’s a simple fix



ADB device Unauthorised Fix

If your device shows up as Unauthorised in the PowerShell or CMD the fix is simple. Unauthorised simply means you have failed to give your computer authorization for USB debugging.

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Step 1: Disconnect your phone

Step 2: Revoke USB debugging authorizations

on your android device navigate to developer options and scroll down until you see “Revoke USB debugging authorizations”, tap it and then tap “OK”

Step 3: Reconnect your phone

Reconnect your phone and a popup should appear on your screen asking you to “Allow USB debugging” check “Always allow form this computer” and then hit ok. The popup may only appear once you try to enter an ADB shell. Make sure to close the current PowerShell or CMD and reopen it once you have applied the above. go back to How to record your android screen reliably?


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    nope. it doesn’t work on my asus zen max pro m1.

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