Best Battle Royale Games For Android

Best Battle Royale Games For Android


I tested the top Battle Royale Games for Android so you didn’t have to. All the Games listed here a great and worth a pay, and are listed from best to not as good (but still good).


PUBG Mobile (Official)


The official mobile version for Player Unknowns Battle Grounds obviously gets top position because its the closest thing we have to PUBG on pc or console.

The game feels good and runs reasonably well. I really enjoyed the team deathmatch mode as it enables you to practice without having to load up a whole BR game.

I feel like the controls are reasonably polished, a bit more aim assist would be nice. overall it’s a really good game and it seems that the developers are well invested in the game.

BUT! I think I noticed other players that I suspect to have been using mouse and keyboard which really sucks, as it’s very hard to compete against. I hope they will be able to further improve their detection systems to make the game better for its intended audience.

The game does not seem to have any pay to win elements, just like its big brother. It’s pretty much an ultra-low graphics version of pubg, so a lot of your knowledge from pubg is easily transferable.

Cyber Hunter


Cyber Hunter is pretty much a must download. The graphics are really great and the controls are really smooth, I did experience a bit of intermittent lag but as I said I had the same problem in all of the games, Also the auto-firing is way off sometimes which can prematurely alert your opponent. This games overall polish trumps all the games on this list, it feels like everything is where it should be when considering the map, it was not too small and was not too big, there were enough vehicles that you won’t feel like you are in a running simulator, but if you did make your way on foot you would not get too bored.

This game also features climbing and gliding mechanics which I think are really great. The only thing I would ask for is higher structures for better vantage points.

Garena Free Fire


Garena Free Fire graphics are not that great and the consoles could be improved but that’s where the complaints end. Its a really solid game. Where I think it shines is its aim assists, you may not agree with me but I wholeheartedly welcome it, playing on mobile is hard enough, adding the complexity of touch aiming makes things a lot harder so I welcome this games aiming mechanics.

Call Of Duty Mobile


Call of duty mobile is a great game. it has multiple game modes to choose from and has ranked (unloked at level 10) and unranked modes so you can either be againts only real players or potentially have bots mixed in. Its really up to you, if you just want to pass the time and have fun the try unranked. but if you are bit more serious then try ranked.

One big concern I have with this game is that it seems mobile players are beeing lumped in with pc players using an emulator which isnt very fare at all. However, if you are a reasonable player you can still be good even through you are on mobile, just dont say i didnt warn you if you get REKT by pc players. In PUBG Mobile, all emulator players (pc players) will play against each other. Now the same developers who made PUBG Mobile have made COD Mobile, but it seems that COD Mobile players do not get the same treatmeant as PUBG Mobile players.

I have fotage of both mobile gameplay and pc gameplay labled in the video.

Creative Destruction


I’m Going to preface my review of Creative Destruction with this, I do not like Fortnite or builder games like it. That being said it’s still quite a good game. If you like Fortnite then this is the game for you. Some things I really don’t like that it inherits from its clone brother is the lack of ADS. Not having ADS on such a tiny screen makes spotting distant opponents pretty difficult. another problem I faced was intermittent lag for like 2 seconds at a time. All the games I played had intermittent lag, Creative Destruction was ever so slightly worse. Other than that it was perfectly playable and actually quite enjoyable.

Rules Of Survival


Rules of Survival seems to have lost its mojo. I used to think it was great but this time around I think it falls a bit short. but is it a throwaway? Definitely not. It’s still a good game with pretty good controls and above-average graphics. But this time around it just didn’t gel with me as much as original PUBG.

Knives Out


Knives Out is fairly similar to Rules Of Survival but has slightly toned down graphics. On the plus side, it does stick closer to being a more serious battle royal game on android. Its probably the closest thing to PUBG mobile second to Garena Free Fire. But it has its flaws, most notably, view distance is too short and maps are way too big. Other than that its still a pretty good game.


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