Best Origin Access Games To Play 2020



Best Origin Access Games To Play 2020

  • Star Wars Battlefront 2
  • Titanfall 2
  • Battlefield 3, 4, 1 And 5
  • Cities: Skylines + Mods
  • Mass Effect 2
  • Crysis 1,2 And 3
  • Dead Space 1,2 And 3
  • Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Looking for something to play but can’t make up your mind? or maybe you are just curious about what origin access has to offer before taking out a subscription? we have the article for you.




Best Origin Access Basic Games


Star Wars Battlefront 2

If you are even remotely a Star Wars fan you need to play Star Wars Battlefront 2. It’s improved a lot since release it makes me wonder if EA will be more careful in the future when they decided to add microtransactions to a full-price game. Anyway, it’s good now and definitely worth playing!




Titanfall 2

if you are a fan of Apex Legends then you may very well like the multiplayer of Titanfall 2. It features most if not all the guns in Apex Legends and the multiplayer has seen a resurgence as of recent. Its a load of fun and is worth a few hours at least.




Battlefield 3, 4, 1 And 5

All the Battlefield games are now on Origin access basic. It’s the perfect opportunity to play the best battlefield game ever made, Battlefield 3. That’s just my opinion but the others are worth a play as well. I really hope the next battlefield game will be a modern-day shooter.




Cities: Skylines + Mods

Cities: Skylines is another great game to spend some time in though it may have a learning curve. But the thought of making your own mega city is really cool and is probably worth a go if you are into that sort of thing.




Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 is a real classic in my eyes and still looks pretty good still to this day (mostly, better than Mass Effect 3). Its a really good RPG and you should try it out.




Crysis 1,2 And 3

Man I remember seeing the trailer for this in a demo disk that came with a NAG magazine. it looked good then it looks good now. I will say that I enjoyed Crysis 1 more than the others but they are still good and I highly recommend you play them.




Dead Space 1,2 And 3

Ah yes. the game that gave me brown underpants. I’m a lightweight when it comes to scary games but this game scared the poop out of me. Otherwise getting all the mods for your gun and following the story was a lot of fun.

WARNING: bellow video contains swearing.




Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

This game looks soo damn cool and is a pretty good game from what I have played so far (haven’t finished it yet). It’s not the best game on this list but it seems like a challenging game that has depth and a reasonable story.


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