How To Improve Your Aim In FPS Games

Find out some of the best techniques to improve your aim in FPS games (On PC). 

Halt! this article is not finished. I am going into a lot of detail to try and create the ultimate guide. So if things look weird ist because it’s not finished. good chat!

My Journey.

I started pc gaming in 2010 and I was not very good at all (shocker) and fast forward to today I’m still not that great 😪.

So that’s why we are here. I am going to explore as many actionable techniques as I can and share with you on what worked and what didn’t. In this post, we will only be focusing on how to improve your aim in fps games. We will explore how to get better at fps games in general in another post. Let’s start.


Get A Baseline

Before I begin trying various techniques I will need to get a baseline score of my current ability in order to compare it later after following the various techniques.

to do that I will complete 3 rounds of team deathmatch with bots on easy using the Dust 2 map in CSGO using the M4A1-S. I will track the number of kills I can get in each round and then take the average of the 3.


Baseline hardware

The Hardware used is as follows:

MouseSteel Series Rival 110
KeyboardEl cheapo gaming keyboard (membrane)
Mouse PadRocat
Monitor21 Inch 60hz Chinees thing 16:9 aspect ratio



Baseline Settings

These are the settings I will be starting off within windows and on the mouse properties > Pointer Options found in control panel.

Mouse DPI (Steel Series software)400
Mouse Pointer Speed6
Enhance Ponter PrecisionNo
Snap ToNo



Game / CSGO Settings

Mouse Sensitivity1.35
Zoom Sensitivity1
Raw InputOn
Mouse AccelerationOff




Round 1:35

Round 2:48

Round 3:42

Average:  41.666666666667


Cool enough of that boring stuff and on to what really matters.


Reduce / Increase Sensitivity

One way to almost instantly improve your aim is to lower your sensitivity. With my current csgo settings, however, I probably need to increase my sensitivity a bit because turning takes too many mouse lifts. So going too low is not a good idea either, you don’t want to find yourself at the edge of your mouse pad.

I will increase CSGOs sensitivity to 2 giving me an effective dpi of 800.


Round 1: 43

Round 2: 43

Round 3: 40

Average: 42

Increase: 0.8%


Aim Training

Ever notice how PRO GAMERS like Shroud seem to latch onto the enemy seemingly so easily? It has a lot to do with muscle memory. They have trained there mind subconsciously to know how far to move the mouse to get the cross hair on to the enemies noggin. Think about it, if you do something enough times it becomes second nature to you, like riding a bicycle, you don’t think about balancing you just balance.


So in the next tests, I am going to try out different aim training programs and measure my improvement after each session. Now ideally you would train for much longer, but the point of this article is just to see what works and what doesn’t.


In each aim training software, there are many training scenarios, we will just be focusing on the flick shoot type training.


Aim Lab

Here I used the SpiderShot with precision mode training program. I redid the program multiple times (about 4 times) until I felt comfortable with my results. Then I did one round of csgo bots then back to Aim Lab again I repeated the training program until I felt comfortable with the result. I did this for each round.

Round 1: 49

Round 2: 42

Round 1: 49

Average: 46.666666666667

Increase: 12% (from Baseline)

Increase: 11.11% (Previous test)


CS:GO training_aim_csgo2_dark

training_aim_csgo2_dark offers basic aim training similar to Aim Labs SpiderShot. So why training_aim_csgo2_dark?

Aim Labs is currently in very early access which means there are a few bugs, mainly mouse drift. I notice that my mouse keeps drifting back to the bottom of my mouse pad as I continue the training program, so it’s not ideal for SpiderShot type training. So that’s why we will use training_aim_csgo2_dark instead.

I feel like this method of training is probably the best way to improve your aim rapidly. It pretty much covers the broad scope of improving your aim at any FPS game.

So to test this theory I will spend half an hour a day (starting 30 Jan 2020) for 7 days just practising the training_aim_csgo2_dark training program. Then rerun the test.

Here are my training_aim_csgo2_dark settings:

I pretty much always use the classic (fast aiming) mode.


ModeClassic (fast Aiming)
Target Size32R
Static tar. duration1.5 – 2.0

Having a huge target means you can go as fast as you can without fear of missing the target and I think it’s a great way to get your flick shot muscle memory.

Warm-up stage 2:

ModeClassic (fast Aiming)
Target Size32R – 12R
Static tar. duration1.5 – 2.0

So when I’m sort of warm I then slowly start to reduce the target size. If I see that I’m missing too many shots (10 out of 100) then ill increase the size and continue training until I’m comfortable to reduce the target size again.

It’s the 4th of February and I can definitely see an improvement in my aim while playing games but I’m certainly no Shroud so just need to keep going.



Just a reminder this article is not done yet. I will be testing a few more things before saying it’s done.


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