How To Record Screen On Android



How To Record Screen In Android

If you are looking to record your screen on android we have a few solutions for you to try from most ideal to less ideal. Let dive in.


How To Record Screen In Android With Internal Audio

Many of the newer smartphones released today have a preinstalled app that will allow you to not only record your screen but also record the internal audio of your phone. For example on Xiaomi phones its dead easy. Take a look at this tutorial:

its is by far your best option to use what is included with your device as it is the most reliable and it will most probably record the internal audio as well.

Here are some options for some phone manufactures:

Note: Unfortunately not all the listed methods will work, or might not have that functionality. for example, this sort of thing is only available on newer phones.




OR Try the Samsung Game Launcher:


HiSense (Infinity H11):


LG (Game Tools):




Record With A Third-Party App (With Audio *)

If your device does not have a method to record your screen with internal audio all is not lost. you can use your computer to record the audio from your phone using an AUX cable along with a third-party app listed below.

Choose one of these apps bellow and then continue with the tutorial.

I will show you how to complete this process with Google Play Games but the idea is the same for the rest of the app listed. Just be sure that the app records the mic audio.


Here are a list of Android Screen Recording Apps that we recommend.

Google Play Games (Best, most reliable):

V Recorder:

Google Play Games:

Here is how to record with Google Play Games. I will show you the rest of the tutorial further on.

This is probably one of the best apps to record your screen because it’s supported by google who makes android. Simply Open Google Play Games.

Pick a game (if you just want to record your screen and not gameplay don’t worry you can just close the game after launching it and continue recording)

Click The record Button.


Close the game if you do not want to record it or leave it running. Then tap the Red button.

when you are done click the Google Play Icon

Then tap the square red button to end the recording.

The video file can be located in Files > Movies > Screencasts (at least on my device).


Step One. Audio To Pc:

Make sure your screen recording app can record your microphone audio (external audio) it will be important later.

Then plug one end of the AUX cable into your phone and the other end into the pink Microphone jack of your computer.


Ro Here.

I have my font panel audio outside of my case so mine is plugged in here.

When you plug in your aux cable you may get a notification asking you what type of device you just plugged in, set it to “Line In”.

Your setup should be as follows. you have your phone connected to your pc and then on the green output, you have your speakers. for this to work as easily as possible use speakers you will see why later.

Now try to play some audio on your android device. it should start playing through your speakers on your pc or if the audio is echoing then. do the following:

(keep the audio playing on your device even though you can’t hear it)

Go to control panel then “hardware and sound”

Then go to “Sound”

Then go to the “Recording” tab and you should see either “Line in” or “Microphone” with green bars next to either one of them. in my case, the green bars are on “Line in”. Make sure there is a Green tick mark on it, if not simply right-click on it and select “Set as Default Device”.

Right-click the Default Device audio source with the green bars and click “Properties” then click on the “Listen” tab. If you do not have audio playing through your speakers then check the box that says “Listen to this device”. If your audio is echoing then uncheck the box and it will not echo anymore.

Wow, that was a lot but it’s important, you will see why later.

Step 2. Record audio and video:

Now to explain why we needed to pass audio through the computer and out the speakers. It is so that we can record the audio coming from the android device on the computer secondly its is so that the recording app on your phone can pick up the audio coming from the speakers (which comes from the android device that you are recording on). We do this so that when we join the audio recorded on the computer to the video recorded on the phone, we can tell our editing software to sync the audio to the video. Otherwise, it’s extremely difficult to sync the audio to the video without some reference as to which sound byte goes where. You don’t need to understand right now, just trust me. let’s continue.

Now you are receiving audio from your android phone to your computer. Now you need to be able to record the audio on your pc. You can do this through whichever software you like but a good free software to use is Audacity. Download here:

Install it and open it and select the correct audio source, either “Microphone” or “Line In”.

On your android device get your recoding app open and ready to record.

On your computer click the red record button to start capturing audio from your android device.

Now start recording the video on your android device. if you are using Google Play Games then click the red record button.

when you are finished recording stop the video recording.

Now on your computer stop the audio recording.

Then on Audacity click File > export > Export as mp3, and choose a destination.

Then connect your phone to your computer and copy the video you just recorded to your computer.

Step 3. Sync your video to your audio

Cool, we now have our video and audio on our computer. We can now import our files into our video editing software. I’m not very familiar with video editing but I will be using premier pro but there are free alternatives that are very good:

Premiere Pro:

My video

A better video

Davinci Resolve:

HitFilm Express (Manual 😪):


Now edit your video as you normally would. That’s it for this method.

The Janky Way

If you don’t have access to a computer you could follow the above method but ramp up the volume of what you are trying to record and let your microphone pick up the audio and call it a day. it will probably sound terrible though but it technically is an option.

Vysor (paid app)

If your device does not have a built-in screen recorder and you aren’t a fan of the method to stitch audio to video then you could buy the Vysor app buy ClockworkMod. It allows you to share your android screen with your computer and enables you to record your android phone wirelessly.

Link Here:

The Emulator Method

One way to record your android screen is just don’t do it. There are really great emulators out there that you can use on your computer and then record the gameplay on your pc of the emulator. Most emulators even include recording functionality that its a one-stop-shop.

Some emulators to consider:

Game Loop:


Phoenix OS:

Remix OS Player:

The Cleanest method will be Virtualbox Plus Osboxes, but its a little more complicated.


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