Is Origin Access Worth it?


Yes, it is worth it, but read on to see if you should get premier or basic. and if the extra money for premier will be worth it for you. 

Over the years EA has done some pretty shady stuff to us but not this time.

In case you don’t know what Origin Access is, it’s a monthly or yearly subscription you pay to Origin and get access to over 100 games (both EA and non-EA) and 10{fd755a19f3e4ec81a6b9946aa60fd58348949c9ded01c7dad3275bfb73ffa70a} off any Origin Purchases.

There are 2 tiers of Origin Access.


Origin Access Basic cost R48.50/month or R299/year (South African rands) which gives you access to

  • 170 games (more on which games later) note this is the amount at the time of writing.
  • 10-hour trials of EA’s latest games.
  • Early access to upcoming games.
  • 10{fd755a19f3e4ec81a6b9946aa60fd58348949c9ded01c7dad3275bfb73ffa70a} off origin purchases.


Origin Access Premier costs a lot more, coming in at R199.95/month or R1199.99/year (South African rands) but gives you access to.

  • All the latest Games from EA without a time limit.
  • All Origin Access Basic games.
  • All the extra DLC and bonuses.
  • Early access to upcoming games.
  • 10{fd755a19f3e4ec81a6b9946aa60fd58348949c9ded01c7dad3275bfb73ffa70a} off origin purchases.


When you see the number of games available on Origin Access Basic, it’s easy to see that it has great value and, personly, I recommend it.

Bearing in mind that you can upgrade and downgrade or even cancel at (almost) any time there’s no reason not to try it out at only R48.50 for the month.

Another thing to note about the Origin Access Basic account is that you get 10{fd755a19f3e4ec81a6b9946aa60fd58348949c9ded01c7dad3275bfb73ffa70a} off any game purchase so if want to buy a game over R485, it would be worth getting Origin Access Basic, buying you game and then immediately cancelling origin access. You will still have access to the Origin Access Basic games for the next 30 days (from the day of subscription).

Is Origin Access Premier Worth The Extra Money?

Yes And No. let’s find out why.

Yes Origin Access Premier Is Worth It

You can cancel whenever you want, meaning you can play the latest EA games for only R199.95, granted you only play the game for one month only (as most people often do).

For example, I was not very keen on buying Need for speed Heat (currently a Premier only game) so I got Premier for one month, played the poo out of Need for speed Heat and then cancelled.

If you buy more than one game per year at launch it would be cheaper to just buy the year pass and save the money. This is assuming that you are guaranteed to buy each year. If you think you might cancel your Premier subscription but still want to play your games for longer than a year then maybe consider buying the game on sale or check out, they are legit, just make sure you check the prices on both platforms before buying.

No Origin Access Premier Is Not Worth It

As is stands right now there are only 8 extra games on Origin Access Premier:

  1. Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order
  2. Need For Speed Heat
  3. Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville™ Deluxe Upgrade
  4. Fifa 20
  5. Madden NFL 20
  6. Sea of Solitude
  7. Darksiders III
  8. Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville™
  9. This Is the Police 2

List Here

So unless you plan to buy more than one latest release and play said games longer than a few months then, No Origin Access Premier is not worth it.

for a full list of all the origin access games check out GameSpot’s List here. or Visit Origin website here.


I hope I made making a decision easier. If you have any suggestions just comment below and ill update the post as best as I can. Bookmark this page and check back in regularly as we plan to update this post as things change.


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