Star Wars Battlefront 2, Should you buy it?



The short answer, Maybe.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is definitely a fun game if you are a fan of shooters but may lose its appeal after a few hours, however, if you are a fan of Star Wars the added free dlc may be a big selling point.

The story mode was entertaining, not mind-blowingly awesome but will definitely scratch that itch if you aren’t nitpicking every detail. If you are not a big Star Wars fan I recommend waiting for the price to drop further than it already has and DO NOT buy the deluxe edition it is definitely a waste, everything can be unlocked in the game through progression.

On to progression and the loot box system, too be honest it isn’t as bad as people make it out to be (that’s just my opinion), there are no paywalls and though the game may allow users to buy extra loot crates they made it reasonably easy to earn credits to unlock lot boxes and if you don’t get the Star Card you are looking for you can easily craft Star cards with Crafting credits. Star Cards can be upgraded to increase that cards ability, however, you need to level up in order to unlock the next tier to upgrade which can be quite frustrating.

The most frustrating thing is that weapons can only be unlocked through completing challenges and those all involve defeating enemies in multiplayer, and they all start at 50 kills. 50 kills is quite a challenge if you aren’t that good at shooters.

Another frustrating thing is that there aren’t that many people playing and you could potentially not find a game in your region, but luckily Dice has worked magic with there net code and its a reasonably good experience playing on servers a bit farther away.

As it stands now this game looks like a flop, that’s not because it’s a bad game but because the player base is laking. EA better think of something fast in order for their game not to become a complete failure. If I were EA I would continue to lower prices or bring the game over to Origin access early and make adjustments to the progression system in order to make the fans happy, I don’t think its too late for EA but it will take a lot to win the hearts of their fan base back.


So I would not pick up Star Wars Battlefront 2 just yet, I would wait for the price to drop, but if you have the money it’s a game that you can definitely sink a few hours in to.


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