The Best PUBG Clones on Android 2018



PUBG is one of the most successful games ever to hit steam with close to 3 Million concurrent players, its no wonder other game development companies are cramming to board the PUBG “gravy train”. luckily for us, that means more games to play! mainly PUBG android clones.

Heres our list of PUBG clones worth sinking a few hours into starting from the best.


RULES OF SURVIVAL, published by NetEase Games,  is By far the best PUBG clone on Google play, it’s polished and has that PUBG feel to it, the aim assist is implemented well and doesn’t seem to get in the way. The server lag was very good while playing in South Africa on the Asia servers. Overall a very good alternative, and most importantly it’s fun. I highly recommend this game.

Knives Out

Knives Out, also published by NetEase Games, Is pretty damn close to Rules of Survival. With slightly lower graphics it runs very smooth, without sacrificing the PUBG charm. where this game excels is the ability to use your mobile device’s gyroscope to aim, it gives you the option to have the gyro always on or just when aiming, it allows for a much higher level of accuracy than just swiping. I feel like Knives Out takes itself a bit more seriously and is maybe more suited to someone who favors smoother gameplay and potentially better controls over graphics. Overalll Knives Out is a great game and would have taken the first place if it had slightly better graphics.

Survivor Royale

Survivor Royale, again published by NetEase Games. There’s unfortunately not much to say about this game other than its basically an exact clone of Knives out. That obviously doesn’t make it a bad game, that’s just an observation. However, I did notice a major decrease in latency with a ping as low as 106 which is either fake or really damn good! however, I was only able to select one server while knives out had more options. Perhaps I am wrong on this one but that’s just my experience, your mileage may and most probably will vary.

Last Battleground: Survival

Last Battleground: Survival, published by Elex, is a good alternative for those who do not have a lot of space on their device, coming in at only 77mb. Last Battleground: Survival doesn’t really capture the PUBG feel but at 77mb it’s hard to fault this game and you should check it out if you have a minute or two.

Grand Battle Royale

Grand Battle Royale, published by GameSpire Ltd., is a more light-hearted approach to the Battle Royale game genre and only coming in at 72mb I would say it accomplishes a lot. However its hit registration is a bit annoying at times and the controls can be a bit fiddly for my taste. But it is definitely an amusing game.

Free Fire – Battlegrounds

Free Fire – Battlegrounds, published by HCO STUDIO, is a great game, not on the level of Rules of Survival but is fun and enjoyable with decent controls and quite a large player base and a download size of only 183mb its a good candidate that should be considered.

So that is my list of the best PUBG clones for Android, please note however that this is just my opinion and if you can you should try all these games out to see which is the best fit for you!



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